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Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am the creator behind All Hearts. Making unique creations is a true passion of mine.

I specialise in making bespoke hearts in a variety of sizes. Each heart is completely different, as they are hand made with love using beautiful, antique bone china plates. Therefore All Hearts is a fantastic place to find one of a kind presents for the special people in your life. As each heart is custom made for you they can be made to fit your personal desires: want a certain colour, love birds, butterflies or any thing else, just let me know and I will do my best to source the perfect china for you.

Would you rather have a circle, square or other shape? No problem just ask. Each heart is made to a very high standard and I am proud to guarantee a high quality finished product, that can be placed inside or outside to add a gorgeous touch to any part of your home or garden. I can also use the same mosaic techniques that is used to create the hearts to decorate other items such as bird houses for a truly exquisite finish.

A variety of sizes to choose from

Upcycled Furniture

All Hearts not only provides one of a kind mosaic creations; I also love taking forgotten treasures and making them a functional, stunning item your excited to own again.

As such I provide a range of services to up-cycle or restore your much loved furniture and transform it into a piece you are proud to display. As the furniture in-trusted to me often has a high sentimental value to the owners I ensure that love, delectation and the up most care is put into each project and only top quality products are used. Usually the process will start by sanding the furniture back to bare wood. Then I can offer a variety of techniques to achieve various finishes. Decoupage is always a popular choice, this is a process where stunning pictures can be transferred onto your furniture.

If you want a more traditional finish then bespoke hand painting may be the choice for you. Or perhaps you would just like your piece restored back to it’s former gory. Do you have a worn out table? Is your dresser covered in scratches? Want a unique piece of furniture that cannot be found anywhere else? Have an unwanted present that doesn’t fit with the rest of your room? All Hearts is the place for you. Tell me what style, colour and design you want and I can make your vision a reality. If your not sure what you want, tell me about your existing furniture and I can make a piece you will love.

upcycled furniture

upcycled furniture

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